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Hello everyone!
Im selling DaizyStripper hand-signed autographs!
watermarked - IMG_8289
check here (*´∀`*)♪

Twelve — Time & Space
Hey there!

I'm here to tell you that a friend and me began a twitter for translating the band's tweets :3

If you are interested, here's the link :


We were also thinking of translating their blogs, since nobody does since 2009. I'll keep you updated about that.

Because we need much more Daizy graphics
Twelve — Time & Space
Hey guys! It's been a long time since my last post and here I am, with a wallpaper and some icons but, this time, for the whole band.


the whole 12 icons bunch and 1 wallpaper here @ color_bubbles

A little help!

Hi to all!!! (>u< )!!

Sorry for post something like this in this group but I need your help...
I wanna translate the new song "Become a Beast" of SIREN's album, but I can't find the kanjis (TT___TT )! If somebody can help me to find them or if somebody bought the album I wan't to ask if it's possible to scan the page of this song *cries*

Please, help (TT___TT )!!

I already translated some songs and I'm studying Japanese (*^*  )!! Obviously I'll post the translation in this blog too (>///< )! I hope somebody can help me...
I'm a frustrated fan LOOOL!! 'cuz I can't buy it *cries*



DaizyStripper live reports and interviews!
Check out DaizyStripper coverage on ROKKYUU Magazine with lots more to come!

Shibuya AX 2011 oneman live report (SIX BLESS)

Blue Planet Japan Live report

Interview at Blue Planet Japan

Sixh. Fashion Show

Vrock Festival 2009

CD reviews:



Hitotsu Dake We Are The One

Harumeku Bokura

CRUSH 90's Vrock Best Hit Cover Songs

Last but not least, we recently covered Viju Love Night where Nao and Mayu appeared as DJs, so keep an eye out for that coverage and much more to come! ;)

OFF SHOT - Kiss You (DVD)

Hi my dears!!!
Today my single "KISS YOU" had arrived!! YEY!! And I know that a lot of people wants to watch the DVD... the bad new is that I don't know how to rip a dvd to convert it on .avi and all of that... but... I know another way to watch it.

At first you have to download "VLCPlayer" [link]. After that you have to download all the parts of the DVD that I'm giving you and join them with HJSplit [link] or Split&Concat [lnk] (This one is for Mac users)

Now that you already joined the parts of the DVD you will get a zip file = OFF SHOT - KISS YOU

Inside of it you will have a carpet called "VIDEO_TS", extract all the carpet and when you have done that, you have to give second click the carpet to open it with VLC player... (or drag it to the VLC's icon) and TADA!! you will have the DVD at the same quiality as I got it!! (^^ )!!

I hope I hadn't confused you... I know that my english is really bad!! but I tried...
Onjoy of this awesome DVD! hahahahahaha!!!  and you will enjoy the end of the off shot... IS THE BEST OF THIS F*CKING WORLD!



If you are having some problems, send me an e-mail to [ lm.c_rockz_mexico@hotmail.com ] and I'll help you to solve it! ^^!!!
Enjoy of this awesome DVD and I hope I could help you!
Photobucket Photobucket

P.S: I scaned only those images because I think are the important ones... if you want a scan of another thing feel free to ask it! ^^!!

By Kenya: http://lmcrockzmexico.blogspot.com/

New Album: Bless

Hi to all the DaizyStripper's fans! *U*!!

Today I found the new Album, Bless... I don't receive my copy and I don't own the album yet but here is the link to download it!!...

1. Adam
2. 淡色ノ夢
3. Sunday Driver
4. 夜想曲
5. Knock Shadow
6. Diamond Glitter
7. Purple Candy
8. 絶望の朝
9. Another Sky

The credits are for Anni and this page: http://edohsama.blogspot.com/

If you want to say thanks, go to this page and leave a comment:

DaizyStripper「KISS YOU」Brand X Special Present Comment
I just got my A and B Type singles from Brand X and I received a Special Present DVD.
I ripped it and uploaded it to Mediafire, if you would like to watch it.
If you want to hear Mayu hit the high notes in 「KISS YOU」 you don't want to miss it!
Download link; HERE

Alternatively I uploaded it onto YouTube:

I didn't make this video, so all rights go to BRAND X.
Upload and share wherever you like, no credit necessary.

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Yuugiri, 12 icons
Twelve — Time &amp; Space
Hi! First post there. I wanted to share some icons I've just made.


find more icons herecolor_bubbles 

New look!
This pic was posted with some informations about their new single on T's project's facebook.

"it's no actual new information on the new single, it's about the possibility of downloading (it or a part of it, I didn't fully get this) between March 25th and April 7th. The earnings of this will be donated." ( tayru  )

What do you think about the new look?

ETA2: A new photo has been released.


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